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Before you arrive

Contact our Economic Outreach and Integration Officer for a pre-arrival virtual meeting (discussion about your resume, employment trends in the region, possible hiring opportunities in your field of expertise, ...)

Upon your arrival

Make an appointment with our agent who will explain to you the first steps to take and will accompany you in the evaluation of your needs and your job search. She can also refer you to the Hive service and tell you about the mentoring program for immigrant entrepreneurs (PMEI).

Participate in the various workshops (the importance of networking, learning how to target your job search, interview scenarios, Canadian employment standards, LinkedIn, essential work skills, etc.) to learn about the Canadian employment environment and good job search practices.

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Foreign Credential Recognition and Regulated Professions

To practice a regulated profession in New Brunswick, you must be certified or licensed by the regulatory body of the profession. Find a list of regulated professions by following this link welcomenb.ca, for information on the recognition of foreign credentials, please visit cicic.ca

For any information request, contact Marion Huber - Economic Integration and Awareness Officer info@macr-amrc-ca Tel: (506) 547-7561 

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Change of life and country is a real stress, let us accompany you through the various steps.

Multicultural Association Chaleur Region Inc.

Welcome to Multicultural Association Chaleur Region Inc., a non-profit organization that plays an important role in welcoming and integrating newcomers. Our team works every day to raise awareness in the Chaleur region community.

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